Lorex for sale

Home safety and security concerns drive many people to purchase smart home security cameras and security systems. The feature-rich 8-channel 4K system includes advanced motion detection, two levels of low-light or no-light recording, smart home voice control, and compatibility with all major smart home platforms.

lorex for sale

A single cable connection for each camera for power and video content simplifies installation for the indoor and outdoor IPrated cameras. Buy Now at Lorex. The 4K cameras in the Lorex system capture unparalleled levels of detail in full color. Infrared IR black and white night vision takes over when there is little or no light.

According to Lorex, the cameras have a foot IR range in low light and 25 feet in total darkness. The Lorex system has four channels with its advanced motion detection system. These channels can detect people or vehicles to prevent false alarms and nuisance alarms caused by moving branches or animals. You can use the app to view live and recorded video streams and to configure the system to send alert notifications, including attached screenshots.

You can use the voice control features of the respective platforms to view video streams and more. The Lorex system protects your home when there is no internet connection. If the internet goes out, you will lose remote viewing access to the system, but as long as the system has power, the cameras will continue to protect your property. If you want a comprehensive, complete home security camera system that is compatible with smart home platforms, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of an awesome deal.

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In addition to the deal for the 8-camera 4K security system with DVR, Lorex features a wide range of security cameras and systems for homes, businesses, vacation property, store security, and more. Buy Now at Lorex The 4K cameras in the Lorex system capture unparalleled levels of detail in full color.

lorex for sale

Buy Now at Lorex In addition to the deal for the 8-camera 4K security system with DVR, Lorex features a wide range of security cameras and systems for homes, businesses, vacation property, store security, and more. Buy Now at Lorex We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently.

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Solar Panel for Wire-Free Cameras

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All listed prices are in US dollars. Add To Cart. Got Questions? Call Us 1. Back to top. Lorex Technology. Let's Chat! Lorex Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Wireless security camera system and 4 outdoor security cameras with monitor Model no. Home security camera system with 4 outside security cameras and monitor Model no. Wireless security camera system Model no. Wireless video monitoring system for home Model no.

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Lorex Security Systems & Surveillance on Sale

Mobile apps. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. In The Spotlight. Shop Our Brands. All Rights Reserved. To ensure we are able to help you as best we can, please include your reference number:. Thank you for signing up! How was your experience? Cancel Submit. Thank you. Thank you!Skip to main content Lorex DVR. Great price.

Home Security Camera System Surveillance Setup: How to Best DIY IP Installation Placement HD CCTV 16

See All Buying Options. Thompson Dayton, Ohio. The unit works fine I can say for a fact I do NOT like the masking function. Even the cheapest dvr I have seen has decent block masking. This misses the mark badly with 3 drag sectioning Bad idea I had to use a different dvr for my customer because it was impossible to mask the areas they needed to mask out. All the rest of the functions work well, but for outside cameras I would not recommend it If you build a 12 channel dvr for God's sake make it standard My second set of lorex.

The quality is perfect for a house or an office. I am using it at my warehouse but I put the cams about 9 feet of the ground and the quality is impressive. Replaced a unit that went bad from another manufacturer motherboards seem to have history of failures for these type of devices. Installation was quite easy already had cameras in place. Mobile app viewing is quite clear and quick.

So far so good. Will need to see if this last several years though. I have 4 of the Lorex LW cameras and they all have an inherent problem of randomly locking up and thats not good for a security system!Lorex apps keep you connected.

Lorex Apps and Software. Local storage means no extra costs. Why Buy Lorex? No professional installers needed. How to Install Security Cameras. We stand by our products. Lorex Warranty and Replacements. Learn the basics about our systems, cameras, and technology. Beginners Guide to Lorex. We are commited to bringing you the best and latest technology. New Arrivals.

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Easy to install indoor and outdoor security cameras. Shop Now. Keep your inventory, employees, and customers safe. Need lots of coverage? Check out our channel systems.

lorex for sale

Capture the details you need with unmatched true 4K. What is a 4K security camera? Limit false motion alerts with person and vehicle detection.

Different Types of Motion Detection. Available in Listen-in and Two-Way Talk models. Lorex Audio Security Cameras. Bring your nighttime monitoring to the next level. What is Color Night Vision? Take an active stance against uninvited guests. Active Deterrence Security Cameras. Pan-Tilt-Zoom, varifocal, vandal-proof? We've got it! Types of Specialty Security Cameras. Learn More. Hello Summer Sale! Deal of the Day. Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Know before they knock with the doorbell's motion detection technology.

We have the security you need for your business.They're a great way to power your camera while prolonging battery life. Lorex wire-free security camera solar panel can be set up in minutes with no professional installers required. It can be installed alongside the camera using the existing camera screw holes or in a completely separate location.

Wherever you decide to place the solar panel, it's important to choose a location with plenty of direct sunlight and not in a covered or shaded area. Whether it's heavy rain, snow or wind, this solar panel is rated IP66 which means it's water-resistant.

Help other customers make decisions about this product You will be required to have an account with Lorex to provide a review You can see your approved reviews in your "My Lorex Account" section. Easy to install.

Lorex Black Friday sale: Get $300 off the 4K Ultra HD 8-camera security system

Seem to be of good quality. Function very well. I purchased as part of 6 wireless camera system. I am not actively using yet but wanted to. I wanted a slimline as possible system to not stick out and the solar panel is a little big bigger that I would like so I am going with battery for now.

But the piece is well designed, easy to use, install, and solid construction. It worked well in my system tests with the exception it made the camera very visible in its locations where solar could be used for power. To be fair, its not that big, and the design nests around the camera very smartly, but its about the size of the camera so together it was just too big for me.

I will see how it goes with batteries and if I have to change them too often, I will be using the Solar attachment :D I would recommend the product and am keeping it to try later. We purchased a 6 camera wire-free wifi system. We did NOT want to fool with cords and cables. We bought 4 solar panels and have put them on 4 of the 6 cameras.

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Like someone else said, it's no harder to put connect the panels as it was to install the cameras. During the day, the software shows a "lightning bolt" in the battery icon and then when the sun goes down, the battery icon is green and you can see that it's fully charged.

As soon as they come back in, we want to purchase another one. This product is straight forward and easy to use. The installation was no more difficult than the camera mounts.

You can mount a camera directly to the solar braket also. It comes with an extension cord so you can mount the solar panel up and away from the camera. It plugs into the batter pack the same as the wall electrical charger.

The solar panel chargers during the day and shows full green at night. I have used this product for the last month and has worked flawlessly. I am buying a second today.Lorex has the perfect security camera system for you. Learn all about the different types of systems, cameras, night vision, resolution, and accessories. Answers to common 4K security camera and 4K IP camera questions.

What makes a security camera 4K? Where can I buy a 4K surveillance camera? With all the standard features of a wired security camera, including IR night vision and motion detection, wireless security cameras provide convenience without compromise.

Here are some tips and best practices on security camera installations for homeowners looking to install their own security camera system.

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Color night vision CNV security cameras provide a valuable new dimension of detail to security monitoring at night. Compare the differences between home security and home monitoring solutions, both have great features.

Security camera is only useful if it is operational, which is why we're proud to carry a select line of vandal-proof cameras. Learn about the different types of security camera cables used to connect security cameras to a recorder and their ratings.

Safe and secure shopping. Learn More. Search results for:. Lens mm F 1.

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Lorex Technology. Let's Chat! Lorex Technology Inc. All rights reserved.

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